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Screw compressors

The ompressor has now acquired a wide range of applications. With its help, you can quickly and accurately do some types of work:

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- Creation of organizational, methodical and material-technical conditions for the development of various forms of scientific creativity of young people with a view to improving the system of work on SRWS;

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Topics 1. Entrepreneurship in literature
In modern social consciousness, the entrepreneur is associated with the image of a resolute, self-confident person, bold, creative, resourceful, passionate in his business, rational.

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The main territory of the USA (called continental States) is located on the North American continent and stretches from the Atlantic ocean in the East to the Pacific ocean in the West. In the South of the US border with Mexico, on the North by Canada. In addition, the United States includes 2 state. In the extreme North-West of the continent is Alaska also borders with Canada. In the Pacific ocean is Hawaii. The border with Russia passes through Bering Strait. The United States also owns a number of Islands in the Caribbean (e.g., Puerto Rico) and in Pacific ocean (American Samoa, midway, GUAM, etc.), the United States stretches on the North American continent several time zones and are one of the largest countries in the world. Administratively, the USA split into 50 States and one Federal district, which houses the state capital - the city of Washington. In addition to States to the US are numerous dependent territories, such as Puerto Rico, U.S. virgin Islands, GUAM, and others. United States of America located in the Central part of North America, is located South of Canada and North of Mexico. From the East, the state is washed by waters of the Atlantic ocean in the West, the Pacific ocean, and the Northern part of Alaska - the waters of the Arctic ocean. The area of the state is 9630 thousand square kilometers and is the fourth largest square in the world.

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